2-8-4 NKP Berkshire


As the Berkshire is a project I want to get running but don't want to spend too much time on building. I have made use of a number of guys in America who do a lot of subcontract work on Berkshire builds. This was obviously far more attractive when the exchange rate was much more favorable than it is now (Oct-17)  But luckily i got most of the purchases prior to brexit so the big expenditure is done and what I am buying now tends to be jewelry only.


Reverser and hot water pump

Working hot water pump and power reverser

Tender parts

Tender and steam dome sander parts

Some of Jacks  work

Air shields from Jim sand dome detail kit safety shield, and low water alarm all done by Jack


The yop men

The A team and me; Jack Bodenmann, me, Jim Kreider and Bruno Platzer

Some of Jacks great detail work switch panels for the tender


While I was at Train Mountain 2015 I picked up the cab kit made by Jim Kreider. The cab had been assembled for me by Jack.

Cab side view

To make it easier to transport home i was in the TM backshop securing it to a plywood base

Front view

all tied up

On the advice of Bruno Platzer I got all the packaging I needed from U-Haul

Ready for the plain

Recently received from the US are the Berkshire tender trucks. They came over as hold baggage so needed a fair bit of disassembly to get down to the right weight.

Berkshire tender truck 1

Berkshire tender truck 2


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