Casting Sales.

I have been contacted by a number of people from all over the world asking if any of my castings were for sale. Well the easy answer is yes with a large but attached. As I have found to my cost sending large irregular shaped heavy items around the world is time consuming and expensive. conversely it is also hard to find anyone who is interested in my large heavy items which to them are small light uninteresting hard to pack items to despatch overseas.

Although the casting part is probably the easiest its also difficult to find a foundry who are interested in producing the items. My patterns are not lumps of low detail, iron they are generally complicated with a high percentage of cores and assembly required before they can be cast. They also are often thin in section and need very accurate mold assembly to ensure a successful pour. So the founders just love em' as after all that work its still 50-50 if they will get a useable casting at the end.

On the subject of patterns they are all commercially made and even though the guy is a one man band working out of his converted garage. They are highly detailed items that are time consuming to produce, with up to now no compromise made in the detail on the finished product.

So why all the preamble and caveats above. Well when you get round to discussing prices I am sure people think I am ripping them off. Its not helped mind by some of them clearly being tyre kickers or dreamers who live in a world of 3.5" or 5" gauge, or perhaps a large 0-4-0 tank loco in 7.25 gauge, but don't comprehend the size of what they are proposing to undertake.This locomotive is 15ft (4.5M) long its not for the faint hearted.

So what I am saying is don't think about this locomotive unless you have deep pockets and understand shipping could add 50% to 100% to the cost of your purchase. I have based the prices on the following criteria, the pattern costs are amortized over 10 castings. foundry costs are cost + 30%, shipping at cost but don't expect them to be cheap. Remember you will also have import duties at your end if your importing the goods into a foreign country. Lastly the locomotive has been designed to be built to suite 7.25 or 7.5 gauge track. So if all that has not put you off the prices follow.

Front truck

3 Piece frame, casting in cast iron £485 for the set

4 wheels in cast iron £200 set of 4

2 Cannon boxes in bronze £200 a pair


Trailing Truck

1 piece cast frame in cast iron £975

4 Wheels in cast iron £150 set of 4

4 axle boxes in cast iron £94 set of 4


Main Drivers

1 Set of 8 Drivers £1270

1 set of 4 Cannon boxes in bronze £475


Buffer Beam

1 piece in cast iron £450 each



1 piece in cast iron £1050


Cylinder block

1 piece in cast iron all steam passages cored in £1820

Hind steam chest cover, investment cast iron £200 a pair

Front Steam chest cover £70 a pair in CI

Front cylinder cover £95 a pair in CI

Hind cylinder cover £140 a pair in CI

Steam cylinder piston £90 a pair in CI

Dummy bypass valve in bronze lost wax £87 per set of 4


Brake hangers

8 off brake hangers in bronze £ 375 per set


Motion Girders

1 pair in lost wax bronze £568 per pair


Smoke box

Door, a metal spinning in steel £77

Oakadee Hinges in lost wax bronze £130 per door set


Anything else shown in the build section that is a thermo jet print is also available just ask. Although I will not be producing any more frame spreaders as they are at the limit of the lost wax foundry's capability's and are just too risky to produce.

All prices are based on what I have been charged over the last few years so I would view them as a guide only and current prices will no doubt vary.

Please note

I no longer have any castings left apart from some trailing tuck frames and axle boxes. Anyone wanting castings in the future would be at cost plus. I have found that shipping costs can vary dramatically with huge savings to be made if you are prepared to do your own land transport once it reaches the destination port.



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