More Storage


As I now have two large locomotives in pieces i have finally given up on the idea i can get everything into the garage. So I decided to by a 10ft container, for two reasons i wanted somewhere to store some cars when I get round to purchasing them and also a shipping container is reasonably secure and should be water tight.


Base cast pad

Front concrete apron cast and sub base built for standing container on

Second hand container

After search far and wide Ichose this container from Durham, because of transport costs the nearer to can purchase  one the better

I was advised that to stop the container sweating it was best to line it out. So I chose 25mm kingspan and 12mm compressed wood for the doors. The wooden 4X2's are for the future car racks.

25NC on the move

Moving up the 25NC chassis and a box full of machined parts. I now have enough room to build the Berkshire tender and other jobs on the locomotive in the garage.

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