Riverside 2014 Fall meet

As I had a number of parts to pick up for the Berkshire and anted to get some first hand information direct form the horses mouth. I decried to have a holiday in CA when the Riverside fall meet was on. This is Jim Kreiders home track and the high point of this meet for me was there would be 3 of Jim's Berkshires running. Also of some note is the Riverside club is steam only

Everyone at the club made me vary welcome and pulled my leg either about my lack of teeth, implants on the way! Accent; it seems now everyone thinks we talk like we live in Downton Abby not the North East. I also got some very kind comments about the 25 build and all in all was made to feel very welcome by everyone I met

Steaming bays

Friday and Saturday in the steaming bays

Steaming bays

Steaming bays

Steaming bays

steamig bays


Daylight blowing off

Garry firing up

Garry getting steam up on his brand new Berkshire

Tender 763

inside of Garry's tender

Brad on his challenger

Brad takes out his challenger

Setting up the Berkshires

Setting up the Berkshires

Drivers relax

Engineers leaving their charges from the left Gill, Tom and Garry

Berkshire line up

Looking good in the sunshine


Superpower at the ready



Getting impatient and the safety's are starting to lift

run by

Daylight drifts Into the watering hole


Nice Santa Fe Northern I think I have seen at train mountain before


Dave drifts by on the challenger

A great weekend with a wide variety of locomotives on show this club has to have one of the beat stables of club loco's I have seen . A wander round the storage barns brought up all sorts of jem's A great weekend and once again thanks to all the club members for making me feel so welcome.

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