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Train Mountain 2000

Train Mountain, eleven and a half miles of main line in the wilds of Oregon. Seems like a bit of a dream for us land poor Brits with our "big" 1/2 mile tracks. After being a ModelTec and Live steam subscriber for a number of years and having read a number of articles on this vast enterprise. The new millennium seemed like a good time to save up some pennies and make a trip out to see things for myself.

So this I a small sequence of shots from my first trip, generally rambles are also organized for live steamers to try out their equipment on a number of tracks either before or after the TM week. In this case if I remember I did the ramble south after the meet. This took in Medford, Sacramento live steamers, LA live steamers, San Francisco live steamers, and the Bittercreek and Western tracks.


Train Mountain

Train Mountain
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