Train Mountain 2015

Another three years have flown by and it was time once again to take in the best live steam show there is. This will be the last year when coal fired steamers will be allowed so I expected there to be a lost of last hurrahs but actually things were pretty stable, There were some new locomotives on show and some old favourites.

There was no list of locomotives and owner/drivers this year, I was told it was on the website but I cannot find it so any much detail unless I know for sure on the snaps below


Crisp yard

Crisp yard 2

This CP loco was on its shakedown trip


Nice B&O pacific

Tom's Berkshire

Tom Lawson's Berkshire up from the Riverside LS in LA

On the rails

Riding behind Brain Keim and Brian Tusin, Brian T has went from steel to track in three years which is amazing



All your for $60K


Busy morning in the yard

Berkshire -2

Another Berkshire setting the detail scale off the register.

SP Daylight

After TM 2015 i had a week to bum about so took off to the Pacific northwest Live steamers. Then on up to Port Orchard and the Kitsap live steamers before traveling back to SFO for the trip home. Not much going on at Kistsap and i also looked in on the Golden gate LS but it was quiet there also on the day of my return.


Steaming bays PNWLS


That's a roundhouse !!

Well as I hope to keep saying for a long time yet roll on three more years and TM 2018















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