South African 
  Railways Class 25 NC - Non-Condensing Locomotive

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February 2017

Hi folks,

At long last I can now add and edit the website again, although as its been so long no one is probably reading it anymore so if you do pass this way again drop me a line to let me know.  

Further to the above what you will see for most of the next year or so is I am concentrating on completing the Berkshire. I retired in the middle of 2016 and it seemed more prudent for me to do the work than sub it out. From the people I know in America they seem to think there is about a year or so's work to get the Berkshire running so as I want something to play with the Berkshire is obviously going to be the first off the starting blocks

I must stress though I am not parking the 25 there is plenty of work ongoing for it. I am still sub contracting work out. The goal for that is to have the boiler dressed with all its valves and ancillary's and to have the cylinder block machined ready for fitting to the frame.

Hello, my name's Jim and I live in the North East of England, a lover of all things engineering and particularly steam driven, 7.25” gauge live steam at that.

Having finished off a 1/3 full size traction engine my thoughts turned to what next. For a change I fancied building a locomotive and this web site is a record of my highs and lows on a journey I am still taking.

So what to build? Well I would have loved to build either a New York Central J1, 4-6-4 Hudson, a 4-8-4 Niagara, the 4-8-4 wheel arrangement is also known as a Northern in American terms. Or perhaps a Norfolk & Western J or A class. But I found the logistics of getting drawings or even finding them to be too big a hurdle to take on as a first step.

Then I read the book by David Wardale, “The Red Devil”. This detailed his efforts in improving a 25NC 4-8-4 locomotive for South African Railways. I was captivated, not only was the loco built in the UK by North British, but I could still get drawings and it was a Northern just like the J or the Niagara.

So here we go, I started turning perfectly good metal into swarf in late 2006. So I have a fair cushion and hope to add updates as time permits. Any comments questions just press the link.

Contrary to popular opinion I do proof read these pages but a the moment Dreamweaver seems to be wining the battle of font size in the design pages. So if you see a mistake let me know. The old lamp oil is not what it used to be and there are far more proof readers out there than me.